Teacher’s comments on Tenby International School(Setia Eco Park)

School name: Tenby International School Malaysia
Director’s name: Jane Kuock
Dates covered: 8/ 2008 – 2011
Evaluation 1).
Academic integrity of school
Effectiveness of administration
Academic and disciplinary support provided
Director’s involvement in academics
Fair and equitable treatment by board and director
School has adequate educational materials on hand
Attitude of local community towards foreigners
Cost of living in relation to salary (10= most favorable)
Satisfaction with housing
Community offers a variety of activities
Availability and quality of local health care
Assistance with visas, shipping and air travel
Extra curricular load is reasonable
Security / personal safety (10 = very safe in and out of school)

Comments: Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in, the people are so friendly welcoming and honest which only makes you wonder how an abomination such as Tenby International school can exist there, The School has 3 sites in Malaysia the biggest and their ‘flagship’ is at Setia Eco Park, this is the one I work at and would like to comment on.

The school is run as a business with profit being very definitely at the top of its list and unfortunately staff and children do not even seem to be taken into consideration. To an outside observer visiting the school all appears well, new buildings that appear well equipped, but one doesn’t have to scratch far below the surface before you realize you can apply that old saying ‘fur coat and no underwear’.
The school looks as though it is bristling with IT equipment with a computer in every classroom and three well equipped ICT labs. However ask the class teacher what they use their computers for and most will tell you that it is no use because the school will not buy any software. Sit down in one of the ICT labs try to gain internet access, you will have no luck, the school only has an internet connection smaller than most people have in their own home, to make things worse the children can not print their work because the printers don’t work. I certainly would not recommend that you try and take any work home with you as the system is riddled with viruses because the school will not purchase anti virus software.

Then comes the DT department, again bristling with computers and machinery you might be excused for thinking how new it looks, and you would be right, it is as good as the day it was bought, because the children can not use it, again the school refusing to spend money on the necessary software.

Everywhere round the school you will hear the same story, departments that can not use their resources, a huge drama studio, nothing in it, sports hall, nothing in it.

The international staff most of whom have been there since it opened and are now nearing the end of their first contract are all itching to escape. Staff Moral is so low, we are bullied continuously and if you try to leave before your time the financial penalties are so severe that most can not consider it and those that do run the risk of imprisonment.

There is absolutely no help with obtaining local visas or driving licenses, I myself came very close to being jailed for visa problems and one teacher was jailed for a month because the school did not process his paperwork correctly

If you have children you will be offered an eighty percent discount on tuition fees, what a con, when you get there you will be hit for with a bill which will represent almost 3 months salary for each child you have, if you try and argue you will be told that this is registration and assessment fees.

The education at the school is so bad that we actually withdrew our children and had to pay for them to be educated elsewhere, and no the school did not help with the expense.

The school will claw back salary at every opportunity it gets, visa costs, registration fees, we were even charged an administration charge of RM 500 about 100GBP for assisting in processing our daughters student visa, what did they do for this, photo copy her passport.

I could go on and on, the school pays the lowest salaries in Malaysia (substantially lower), education is rubbish, the school is badly overcrowded, break time is nonsense there is nowhere for the children to run or play.

As I said at the beginning, Malaysia is a wonderful place but avoid Tenby International school at all costs.

Evaluation 2). 2011
Academic integrity of school
Effectiveness of administration
Academic and disciplinary support provided
Director’s involvement in academics
Fair and equitable treatment by board and director
School has adequate educational materials on hand
Attitude of local community towards foreigners
Cost of living in relation to salary (10= most favorable)
Satisfaction with housing
Community offers a variety of activities
Availability and quality of local health care
Assistance with visas, shipping and air travel
Extra curricular load is reasonable
Security / personal safety (10 = very safe in and out of school)

Comments: The British Curriculum is held in high esteem by the locals in Malaysia and this probably stems from the memory of the supremacy of the colonial masters. This of course begs the question does any school which claims that they “teach” the National Numeracy Curriculum and the National Literacy Curriculum do so to satisfy the hunger for British Curriculum Schools in Malaysia? My answer is a big fat NO!

Imagine a school management which forces the whole of primary to “share” ONE set of Oxford Reading Tree books between Y1-Y6… That gives you an idea of what the resources are like in this school. You have parents buying and sharing with teachers in TIS Literacy workbooks and Numeracy workbooks as the TIS teachers are thrown bones by the director who is control of everything and everyone.

The salary offered is laughable… Let’s face it why would we leave our native country and consider coming to teach in a Muslim country except for a damn good pay package and well sun all year around… When you look at the packages offered by some other schools, newer schools it makes you sick to realize that you have been taken for a ride!

Be prepared to be bullied by the COO, Principal…oh let’s not forget, even the Secretary of TIS is a bully! Be prepared to be treated like a second class citizen…all staff who aren’t Chinese are second class citizens… Be prepared to have your hard earned professional qualifications questioned as 3/4 of the teacher staff for primary and secondary have no teaching qualification…well most of your colleagues have “online” degrees…let alone having any teaching qualifications….

Now let’s recap… Rubbish working environment, a bully for a boss…would I suggest anyone out there take up an offer in Tenby International School Setia Eco Park…the answer would be a Big fat NO!!!…

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77 responses to “Teacher’s comments on Tenby International School(Setia Eco Park)

  1. Hello,
    I am a parent currently looking for an international school and came across your comments on Tenby on the internet. I would appreciate it if you can contact me. I would like to find out more, because I think your insights as a teacher there is invaluable. Please email me at gulabjo@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. I am also a parent already in the deep end of this school. We never know about all this until we are in it to know it. What a sham this school is. Let us keep in touch so as to share our views to help other propective parents from making the mistake of joining TIS(my email = andrew_h@hotmail.com)

  3. I happen to have been browsing about international schools and came across your blog. Are you seriously a teacher? For whatever reason you are unhappy with the school, be it true or false, but the language you use and your mannerism really scares me. If you don’t mind,the problem with your working environment that you think is not suited for you, maybe you should consider leaving if you not already have. If you are currently looking for a new employer, be warned, many institutions these days have turned to the net to find background information of their candidates for the job. What if they come across this blog? I am not sure if “daljits” is your name or not, but there are many other ways to tell. I am sure your future employers would be worried if you wrote something bad about their school after you left (if you joined their school), similar to the way you have done to Tenby Schools. Rather not let you be a teacher there at all? Don’t use the internet as a way of venting your anger. If you are not happy, please do not be a teacher, how would you focus on teaching your students if you constantly have negative thoughts about their learning environment? I know you are probably not going to be happy with my comments, but I meant well and I wish you all the best. :D

    • Why don’t you go and work there for awhile then you will have an idea of what a money making syndicate the school is. Can you imagine the students sit on the floor like castle during assemblies !! And the attitude of the COO is something else.

      • Students sitting on the floor during assemblies is nothing uncommon. I used to do it in my old school as well.

      • Yes it is very common to sit on the floor during assemblies but your sure they do in International Schools ?


      • When i was in an international school in australia, we sat on the lawn at the quad during assembly. It was informal and we loved it.

      • Good for you..but please consider assembly in a stuffy , hot dusty Hall with crowded environment. Please, NOT GETTING WHAT WAS PROMISED IS VERY FRUSTRATING>

  4. I’m a student at TIS;

    I cannot agree nor disagree with many of the things that are said up there, but there are also many aspects of TIS that you have not mentioned.

    Firstly, let’s not forget that TIS is only 3 years old. It was only just set up, and is still adjusting to accommodate to many students.

    The academics at TIS are plausible. The checkpoint results in ’09 turned out to be FAR ABOVE the average of schools in London. IGCSE results for the summer examinations of ’11 are coming out in a few day’s time.

    There are many quality teachers at TIS, such as the Biology, Chemistry, English, Drama, Music, Business, Economics, Geography, History, Physical Education, and Design Technology teachers. All of which have given their full effort to push all their students to the best of their learning abilities, teaching things beyond Cambridge’s syllabus, further extending our knowledge. Many teachers have dedicated non-paying hours to teach outside of the school day, and to source for useful items such as activities, websites for students’ references, and past year papers for numerous examinations such as Checkpoints, ICAS, and IGCSEs among many others.

    There are limited co-curricular activities not because of the limited resources and links to other schools, but because students are unaware that such activities can be available to them, and choose not to participate.

    As for the DT department, the machinery available is top-notch, and some do not work not because of the lack of software, but because of rubbish suppliers around Kuala Lumpur. I am a DT student, and there was sufficient machinery and programs to fully complete my coursework.

    The ICT labs and school’s systems are raided with viruses that did not even come from the web. These viruses were installed by students within as a prank. The system is continuously under virus scans now, and the ICT department are putting in huge amounts of effort to remove all viruses.

    As for the “rubbish working environment”- numerous teachers have transferred for Garden International School, Cempaka International School, among many others, and have said to several students that they prefer TIS’s working environment.

    If there’s anything that TIS can be absolutely proud of, is the things they’ve actually achieved in the three short years. Such as their sports teams, which have been head-to-head with many of the best International schools in KL, and the academic results from numerous examination boards.

    Outside of what TIS can control, the campus is a lovely environment, right next to a forest reserve. There is clean, cool air every morning, and there isn’t a trace of exhaust fumes that are so commonly found in the heart of the city. Right next to TIS, is an expanse residential community, in which most of the students at TIS enjoy pastimes that seem to be long forgotten, such as cycling, kite-flying, picnics, barbecues, and many sporting activities.

    All in all, TIS is still brand new, the most speedy with school improvements, among the best with their academic results, among the best with numerous sports teams, and a completely different experience. Students here are very happy with the dedicated teachers, and the friends they’ve made.

    Should anyone like to hear more from the student body, please feel free to email me at TIS.student@hotmail.com

    • As a student I am sure you enjoy your time in the school. But we were promised certain conditions which were never implemented and as such we feel cheated.

    • other private school teacher

      Bull shit…..

    • ThankfulTeacher

      You are not a student. You are clearly a member of senior management in disguise. Thank you daljits, my wife warned me about this school and you have confirmed her fears. I am an outstanding teacher in England and do not want to enter into this hostile environment. I will not be applying for the job now.

  5. The TIS “Student” sounds to me more like the words of a certain Principal (cough cough I wonder who? Do you seriously think that any student would write this?). I never heard of “Many teachers have dedicated non-paying hours to teach outside of the school day, and to source for useful items such as activities, websites for students’ references”…the only thing as I know is the sport/competition leaders working without pay but, not academic staff.

    I am currently one of the teachers at TIS now…. Long story to tell, students and enviroment is good, but the management totally sucks!

    Especially the COO…..whatever he says and promises is just utter rubbish !! All he seems to care about is money and profits and very little about teachers and student education (which is ironic being a school)

    I’ve heard a few cases of teachers being bullied by management….What a terrible workplace experience for new teachers, they will be traumatised for life over this.

    Money is the bottom line at this school. Perhaps it should be the school motto.

    School fees increase 15%-20% yet teacher salaries only rise 5% (hardly enough to keep up with inflation). I wonder if the adminstrators only get 5% annual rise as well?

    On the issue of teacher Bonuses, it seems to be inconsistant amongst staff. If you’re a boot licking (polisher) teacher you might get a bit more… but thats a lots shoe polish to swallow. Yuck~

    If you want good conditions, good pay, and want to work for school who cares about children’s education then perhaps give Tenby Internation a miss because the only goal Tenby has is: P-R-O-F-I-T.

    On the other hand if you want to work and be treated like a slave..then Tenby is the place (yes, I’m serious)

    An extra 33 new classrooms are on the plans to be built for the expanding Tenby empire. But will they fill these callsroom with quality teachers who will stay and enjoy their job?…Unlikely. Another 33 cells for inmates with 3 years hard labour.

    On the other hand if you want to work and be treated like a slave..then Tenby is the place for you. (yes, I’m serious)

    Promotions for teachers are a joke, to put is bluntly, if you’re white you’re alright, but if you’re not, then expect to be treated like a second class citizen. Head of departments and key stage leaders only go to white or overseas people. Local or asian people are the second preference unfortunately. So much for equal opportunity. Racial descrimination is well and alive at TIS. If this was done in the UK, USA or Australia the school would be subject to huge fines.

    On the subject of termination of contracts, Tenby will hold the teachers contract to letter. If you try to leave before your contract then expect trouble. You almost need to be a lawyer to understand the convoluted contract terms and conditions.. deliberating confusing for Tenby’s benefit I might add, so you give up easier, unless you want to get involved in a lengthy court case.

    I’ve seen many good teacher pass through Tenby who were let go, but many crap teachers stay on. (Principal and Deputy Principal you mention who had bad name at Garden went onto Tenby, to find a good home)

    In the 2011 IGSE, students results were excellent, many achived ‘A’ level.. good you think? Well it so happens the school was unable finish the syllabus and parent were forced to spend thousand of RM on outside tuition (some even send their kids to Singapore for this). This another example of Tenby mis-management.

    I love the students at Tenby… but management is driving me nuts… so I’ll be saying goodbye soon.

    Tenby’s whole problem is lack of effective managment and leadership, and they don’t listen to feedback given by teachers or parents… this is an issue Tenby themselves must tackle if they want to taken seriously as an international school.

  6. My son has been in the TIS setia eco park for almost a year now and i’d like to say that i have no regrets for enrolling my son there. Any parents who are reading comments from parents or teachers about TIS on this webpare have to read them with an open mind. Don’t believe everything that has been written for they are merely someone else’s opininion, but it does not represent the majority. I disagree with the comment that the teachers in TIS are not qualified. As I constantly monitor my son’s progress in the school,I would say that my son is currently taught by qualified and great teachers. Besides, i believe many will agree with me that we will never find a perfect school. In every school there are excellent, mediocre, average teachers. So let us not be harsh when giving comments to tarnish the image of TIS for many students are benefiting from the school. The IGCSE results which were released recently have been excellent and we must not give the credit wholely to the students taking tuition. Their teachers have also done a great coaching and guidance. Students going for tuition happens in every international school. When the results are good, parents say they send their kids for tuition, but the results are bad, parents blame the teachers not the tuition teachers. Let us be fair..

  7. It seems it is easy to throw mud, hoping that some of it sticks . . . which it invariably does.
    We are looking at sending our child there and went for a visit today – chatted with several teachers off-line and they seemed quite satisfied . . . and expat teachers do tend to speak their mind.

    We’ll enroll her and see how it works out . . . if it is indeed as bad as one or two ex-teachers say it is . . . my wife is a lawyer.

    • Hi, how is your child doing at Tenby and are you and your wife happy with the school?
      Are the resources as bad as some people make it out to be?

    • Hi HG, we want to know how your child is doing now that it is probably 1 year plus. We will be moving back to Malaysia soon and is considering Tenby. As the saying goes, there is not fire without smoke so we really appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  8. I am currently teaching at Tenby School where I have been employed for the past few years. I am leaving at the end of this term, as the school refused to pay my December salary, which I am entitle to under labor law. I am going to take legal action.I have been subjected to bullying from the School over this matter.Not only me, those teacher’s that left have been bullied. That why many good teacher’s left.

  9. Hi, I’d like to withdraw my comment and have it deleted, which I’ve made on 20th Sept 2011. Thanks.

  10. I have applied for a teaching position at this school. I am currently trying to escape a school that these comments resemble! The comments above make me want to ditch the interview I have been offered. Are things really this bad?

  11. Is this school really that bad?

  12. Hi, Is TIS damn bad? I just got an offer for my girl to enroll Year 1 on this coming Sept? Pls advise or any other comments?

  13. Hi, like carmen, my 2 boys just got an offer fr TIS this coming Sept, Would appreciate someone teach/ study or existing parents in TIS give some comments. I do know some TIS parents and their feedback to this school seem quite good.

    • Hi carmen and may, i also received an offer for year 2 on january second sem next year., as sept is ady full. I am in the dilemma now as i compare tenby to maz(new branch in shah alam, nearby setia alam, very nice environment with mostly expatriate teacher )..any comments for these school?

    • Hi Carmen, I guess I am in the same predicament as you last year when you posted your comment. So did you finally enrol your boys into the school? And how has it been?

  14. All I can add is ….. any international School with low fees and long waiting list does not equate to being a good/competent School; nor does a new international School with very little info to share can be considered transparent enough to listen their customers (parents) concerns; nor does a new intern. School with no PTA created (an Established Intern. school does have a PTA so that new parents can get info from existing parents) must have something to hide and not share any info with their customers (parents); nor does any international School with many local/regional teachers (who generally are cheaper to hire, instead of expat ones from Britain/Aus/NZ) will result in low & minimum quality of output, which in turn make existing parents spend more precious funds on tuition for their kids to pass the important Year 6 & 9.
    IMHO –You should NOT accept nor be satisfied with this school’s so called international education which had parents of older/higher grades leaving in droves because the school is runned like local school establishement and more for profit than educating. Find another school. There is still time.

  15. Hi! So many mixed reviews…would appreciate some feedback from parents and teachers at TIS as my child has just been offered a place here and am considering leaving the present school coz they’re not doing age-appropriate Cambridge? Please advise urgently, thanks!

  16. initially i was thinking of applying a teaching position with TIS, with high expectations. thus am quite surprised to come across this website. sincerely appreciate comments.

    • I would like to highlight something about the school-blame it all on the education systemn in our country which has give rise to private and int schools with no governing boby so every school has its own ruls and the point of the day is moneymaking.I know many teachers in earky years who are not educators-they just join in as helpers and eventually end up teaching the young ones.Very few are into their jobs-showing favouritism towars foreign parents and those who are so and so and if you are indian as indeed someone commented racism is practised here.There is no proper PTA and they are not in a position to address issues that take place because hese are some people who convene a meeting with no agenda.
      Parents have to put in alot of effort and time and at times I personally feel that a good Govt A school will better.Many parents bought homes there bec of the proximity of the school and everyone has said right about the COO and of course the H/mistress is another story.
      I think today all Int schools are the same-the reputable ones cost an arm and a leg.Some teachers are pretty rude and if these so called educators hve this attitude what are they imparting to young children.
      Send your children to the school but you have to be a hawk and speak your mind but in order to survive the administration you have to wear branded clothes complete with sunglasses,drive a big car better still if you have a driver and if you are a professional(all the better) you will and your child will get by all with your hard work and not the teacher.
      Good luck.

  17. For the perusal of all ~ Parents / Teachers / Professionals alike, please copy and paste to view the link. It may have answers to all your doubts and concerns.

  18. This does not suprrise me….I worked at the Ipoh branch of Tenby which was the first campus

    It was one of the worst places I ever worked (I am a secondary school teacher from the UK teaching abroad).

    I had and lived in worked in Malaysia for eight years previous and I can say this is the worst run place I’d ever seen.

    Old dilapidated buildings (used to be a military encampment in colonial days). Rooms are in horrible disrepair full of cockroaches. A/C often doesn’t work. When I worked there , was not set up for either LCD or wifi but that might have changed. They kept saying we were going to move but it never happened.

    Apparently all the money was going to set up the Setia Eco park school (this was a few years back)

    In addition, the school does everything possible to make it hard for the teacher. Schedule of ten changed at a moment’s notice and you teach something you had not prepared for(I teach in multiple disciplines). The woman who does scheduling at the time I was there was senile and about 80 years old.

    They hire anyone because their priority is low salaries so they only hire people that will work for peanuts (and you get monkeys). A lot of the other teachers have no experience teaching as well as no education in teaching. They are the worst group of incompetents, sociopaths and lairs I have ever seen.

    They tell you school ends at a certain time but there are endless meetings that could have been wrapped up in half an hour that go on until 6:30 because the principal is a loudmouthed moron with no formal training,.

    The head of campus, Mrs Lai, is a rude old time Chinese with no manners and no idea how to run a business in the 21st century and no idea about how to teach (which is funny considering she used to be a principal of a local school) but what do you expect from a business run by KK Lim family, slumlord and mobster?

    Avoid this school like the plague!

  19. Fight for your Right !

    Dear Daljits,

    Greetings and my salutations for speaking up !

    My little experience with Tenby Ipoh.

    This is not a school but a money-making factory designed to cheat people. While the infrastructure makes you to think you have time-travelled back to 18th century, the management will make you to wonder either you are dealing with human beings or pigs with half-baked clay in their heads.

    The head of campus is not only rude but also a pure moron. The top management of school (a few hired exparts) are nothing but puppets to the ‘towkay’ (owner of the school). The only objective of the school is to make money, nothing else. Ask any teachers there (who have the guts, of course) and you’ll get a clear picture what’s going on. One expart is leaving today for good !

    I think its about time for the parents to stand up and make our voice heard. Education is sacred – please have some respect for it ! If you want to do business, venture into pig or cattle farming instead of opening up international schools here and there.

  20. Dear friends,

    What Philips had said is 100% correct. Please avoid this school – this is NOT a school but a money making scam by KK Lim’s cronies….

  21. I am a student here at tenby international school and I completely agree with the comments saying the school is utter bollocks. I joined tenby since it opened and the first year was great but in the next year as they opened up a new class and the school was making good money everything went downhill. The school has made so many empty promises this school isn’t about a united world through peace that’s basically a bunch of bullshit. this school is all about the money, they say that parents and students comments will be taken into consideration to make the school a better environment ,that’s 1 promise and u can see how that turned out. In school we have a student council which are meant to change things for the students and so far there have been no changes. And I don’t think it’s the student council is responsible for the lack of action taken to change the school because I know many students in the council who are dedicated to changing the school and making it happen. Every offer that they have made to the school has been turned down as the school just sits on their ass all day. And another thing is that this is called tenby international school for a reason but honestly it looks like a Chinese school to me. 90% of the schools students are Chinese not that I’m being biased and saying that there’s anything wrong with Chinese people but all I see is 1 race what happened 2 interacting with other cultures and races huh! And as for me a student who is non Chinese I am constantly being discriminated by my colour,race,religion by fellow students. And when I try to make a complaint about it or anything in general I will immediately become the bad apple being picked on by teachers or students alike. And after nearly 4 years of taking this crap I think I’m going to take a stand. I may not be an adult but I think we students,parents and teachers whom feel this way should work together to try to fix this. Not just for me but for students like me that are feeling discriminated and bullied for parents to make it a better for your kids for us students and any teachers who feel that their being abused by the management.
    For any of u who want 2 contact me for any purpose feel free 2 at Naggrs@yahoo.com

  22. Sad to hear all these. Quality of Education should not be sacrificed at the expense of profit. Yes, it is a private school and parents who pay fees do expect the education quality to be good, at par or even better than other international/private schools. The students must be all rounder to grow up into a better adult and able to handle and face life in a good manner. However, parents or teachers, there are many international schools sprouting out around the Klang valley now. Competitions will be intense and I believe it’s a good thing. There’ll be more choices and badly run schools will suffer and may be forced out of business.
    When TIS is mentioned to others, the first word that comes out would be, ‘is it an International School? Seems like its a local Chinese private school’. Cannot blame people’s observations because TIS do not seem to balance the ratio of Malaysian, non-Malaysian very well here. If one observe TIS to other international schools, it is very obvious. However, this is not a racist comments just stating the fact that TIS seems to have high majority of Malaysian Chinese. I wonder why? Surely the education ministry can check up on these imbalances. As one student put it, being discriminated for not being in the majority race in the school, this is sad indeed. When they are more of one kind, kids tend to form a group of their own and bully the minority. Simple logic. It will be great if the school can look into all these and take actions for the better of all children, not just business niche. It would be good if racial integration is encouraged and given a priority to these kids. They must learn to accept all as our vast world is made up of a variety of all. Instill respects to all, then only they can grow up to be individuals that are better and all rounder too. This is my wish as a mother, parents and human being.
    Concerned parent.

  23. Coming into its 5th year of operations in Setia Eco Park, Tenby had still not changed one bit on many fronts, be it its mgmt of the entire Operation or running of the indiv. school streams…all they ever, ever care about is the money Tenby can generate by providing sub-std facilities and sub-std mentality in terms of health, safety and well-being for the students concerned.
    Here are the facts :-
    • New TIS Primary bldg layout and structure does not cater for a full-fledged kitchen;
    • From any parent visiting and looking in, they can tell it is a last minute patched up job to have a canteen for the sake of having one – no signboard/no pricing/no proper hygiene stds/no proper-made toilet signage;
    • No proper ventilation observed as there were not any fans in their new canteen area since the start of school on 3rd Sep;
    • Not enough seating for 700-800 or so children, many of them had been sitting on the dusty unwashed cemented floor during morning tea break and lunch time since the start of school on 3rd Sep, which meant proper hygiene stds will not have been followed-heaven forbid, it does not lead to HFMD;
    •Worse still~ the flow of traffic system to disperse cars within the new area or the lack of it ??// ….is there for everyone to see;
    • The Tenby mgmt cannot put the blame on others but themselves.

  24. The post is written with malicious intent. A case of sour grapes obviously.

    I am a parent with 3 children in Tenby and we have been there from it’s 2nd year of operations. On the whole, the school is fine and has made improvements over the years. A bit more could have been done perhaps but, considering the quantum of fees charged, I am more than happy with what the school has achieved in a relatively short period of time.

    I wish to highlight a few things from the post and also from the various comments. Firstly, this so called “international teacher” can’t even construct proper English sentences. Secondly, I am extremely worried over this “teacher’s” choice of words in conveying his/her message. What sort of teacher spews profanities this way? To me, I don’t even think this person is qualified to be a teacher and probably got booted out when parents made a fuss over his/her quality.

    Secondly, a common thread underlying the post is money. Money, money and more money. It was mentioned that fees increased by 15-20%. What utter rubbish! I can confirm that for the first 2 years, fees were not increased at all and in the 3rd year onward, there was an increase of approximately 5% averaged across all year levels. I know because I am the one paying the fees. The fact that information such as fees can be twisted out of proportion leads me to conclude that the rest of the post is not factual in any way.

    Thirdly, has anyone considered the fact that Tenby’s fees are amongst the cheapest in the Klang Valley. They are on par or even cheaper than some local private schools! GIS is approximately 2.5 to 3 times more expensive than Tenby so please cut the BS about making profits. If Tenby can make profits based on the fees it charges, then imagine how much more GIS (and other older, more established schools) make.

    Fourthly, why all the fuss over “low wages”? Didn’t the writer sign an offer letter before taking up the job? It’s not as if he/she did not know what he/she is going to receive every month.

    I would think that this disgruntled “teacher” is upset over some issue, probably stemming from the COO and the Principal (BTW, I am expecting that someone will claim that I am actually the Principal writing in the guise of a parent). So upset that he/she started a personal vendetta against the school.

    It’s simple! If Tenby is as bad as what you claim, it won’t be packed full of kids and boast a waiting list. Since the post writer claims there are better schools around, surely these kids would rather study at these schools, no?

  25. Dear Vee,
    You sounds like one of the director of the school. Are you (em, em…Mrs Lai, by any chances? he he he). Come on lah….so many parents and students cannot be so wrong about this stupid school. You must be one of their cronies for sure. This is a Chinese Private School, with the main aim of making money. Period. Keep your nonsense to yourself or better still keep quiet !

  26. Yes, I am one of the Directors of the school. My name is Mr Chan and I will be getting my lawyers to send you a letter soon. Or maybe I am from the Ministry of Education. Or perhaps I could be the same person who uses different names to post various comments just to give the (rather poor) impression that there are actually visitors to this blog.

    Do explain why the school is so full of students if so many parents feel the same way as you do about our school.

    A Chinese private school? You are clearly delusional. Either that or you have no idea what a Chinese private school is. May I suggest you read up before commenting.

    This will be my last comment on this pointless blog of yours. May I suggest that you watch your IP addresses before commenting further. It’s very easy to track you down in Malaysia.

    Do counter my raised points with solid counter-arguments. Saying that what I’ve said is “nonsense” without any corresponding backup does not carry weight here. Let the others reading judge you here.

    Thank you.

    • “This will be my last comment on this pointless blog of yours. May I suggest that you watch your IP addresses before commenting further. It’s very easy to track you down in Malaysia.”

      That sounds like a threat to me. Tut tut. Your IP address must be equally as traceable.

  27. Hi Mr Chan,
    1. You’re most welcome to send me legal notice.
    2. You’re not even sure either you’re a director of the school or an officer from MOE. Please la…I hope you’re with MOE – at least you could do something about the racial discrimination and disrespect for the National Language in this school.
    3. This forum is meant for parents and students , NOT directors of the school. Keep your praises for the school within your cronies.
    4. Your school is full of students for one simple reason – choices for parents are very limited in Malaysia, hence they have no choice but to try your school. That doesn’t mean you or your school is the best !
    5. Learn to accept critisism with an open heart in order to improve the situation.
    6. I have no need to watch over my IP address – you’re most welcome to track it and serve me with your legal notice. Thats what you guys are good at, btw.
    7. Please don’t comment again. You’re not welcome here.

  28. Dear all,
    I am a parent with kids still in TIS, the eldest one finished her IGCSE last year June 2011. My 3 kids are happy with the teachers and the school environment. We as parents are most concern with this matter.

    To clarify with the curiousity of some comments above about the ‘TIS Student’, she is my eldest child who commented after her IGCSE exam, about how she really felt about Tenby. She is not a teacher nor the principal. As English is her 1st language, she was one of the highest scorers in her year group for English Language and English Literature. Thanks to the senior school teachers who spent extra hours guiding the students through pre-examination months. Alike many other parents, I spent many hours traveling to pick my child up in the evenings & Saturdays for the extra lessons in Sciences, Math, DT, Drama, Business Studies, Music and Art.
    I admit of course there were some unpleasant incidents like teachers with management or parents with management. But, the most important thing is, the majority of students are happy and get along well with teachers.

    Thank you and best regards,

  29. I stumbled upon this blog by chance and have been reading the above comments with a certain degree of interest. It is very easy to criticise and use race as a factor. I have belonged to a minority race throughout my schooling in two of the best schools in the country and it was nobody’s fault, least of the schools’ that I belong to a minority race. And it certainly was not my fault. Race is not a fault nor an issue when it comes to education.

    When it comes to education attitude is vital on the part of both the teachers and the students.

    I know for a fact that some of the comments made about the Ipoh branch is based totally on emotions and not facts. Students have obtained outstanding results and some have obtained less than mediocre results and yet the teachers are the same, the hours are the same, the facilities are the same but the attitude of students and parents are different.

    Two people can look out of a window – one can see stars and the other can see mud. Depends on what you are looking for.

    Why do the writers sound so disgruntled and not objective and intellectual? Education is a serious matter and some of the best teachers are to be found in the Ipoh branch. I cannot comment on any other branch since I have no connection with them. In every basket there are bad apples as well.

    I expect to be criticised but though I may disagree with what you say about my comments i will support your right to say them, but please do stick to the truth and support your statements with data and evidence. The lady you criticise, is it the truth what you say about her? Is it fair what you say about her? Does it create goodwill in our society what you say about her? Does it create friendships and an opening for further improvement of facilities for our children? If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’, then perhaps we should stop character assasinating people.


  30. Gosh…the comments here have scared the hell out of me. Have a kid there and must admit about the racial mix. For all purposes said and done , TIS appears to be a Chinese school in disguise. Period. The problem is , you dont really know it till you enrol your kid in there. I must admit the almost brand new pool and turf did look unused.

    From a parent’s perspective, any school is all about the teachers first. Even if the facilities are not there , dedicated teachers can be quite innovative and can be quite creative about looking at ways and means to improve the kid’s performance. Many private schools consistently make this mistake and TIS appear to be making the same mistake which could prove fatal.

    I will give it a couple of months and if there is no improvement, move my kid out.

    To all private schools out there, look after the teachers first. They are the ones who will make the difference.

  31. Dear Parents,
    ecently I moved out my two children from Tenby Ipoh due to some serious issues – of which I am not going to write here. (Some of the above writers have pointed it out cleary). When I ask for my deposit to be refunded – as usual they said they will not pay a single cent because I have signed a form earlier on. I took them to Consumer’s Tribunal and WON the case ! The judge ordered the school to pay within 14 days and also rebuked the school director for being so rude and arrogant ! So, to all parents out there – stand up for your rights – don’t let the school to bully you. Take them to Consumer’s Tribunal. Don’t let them to keep our hard earned money !

    My advise to all parents in Ipoh – the new international school in Kampar – Westlake International School offers a more credible choice. Teachers are highly qualified and the facilities are first class – worth every cents ! Do consider this school. They provide transport from Ipoh daily.

    Tenby School’s days of monopoly is over !


  32. Tenby has a very odd ratio for an International school 99% local Malaysian students??? We ended up sending our kid to ISKL instead.

    • I don’t know where you get your “99%” figure from but it only shows that you did not set foot in the school. Hope your kid enjoys ISKL.

  33. The best read I have had in ages. I had sent off an application today but after reading all these comments have withdrawn it. I am not normally swayed by comments but after reading all these have decided to go with my gutt feelings! Keep the honesty coming

  34. gulp! I had just gotten an interview and now I’m thinking twice. But I have had a similar horrible experience with an “international” school in KL before and all the negative aspects sound too familiar. Asian owner out there to make tones of money at the expense of quality education, childrens’ welfare, and staff wellbeing. Thank you, Daljits so much for creating this blog to warn others (prospective students and teachers out there), I appreciate it!

  35. A new principal and deputy have been employed within the last 12 months at Ipoh. Are things improving? I am awaiting to see if I have been successful in an application to teach at Tenby Ipoh and am now cautious. I have no problems with helping a school on its journey to improve but only if the right support is in place. Any information would be much appreciated.

  36. Does anyone know about TIS Miri?

  37. We are considering sending our 2 children to TIS Miri can anyone give us some positive feed back?

  38. racist school dont join tenby setia eco park they sack all the GOOD local teachers and replace them with shitty foreign ones

  39. How about TIS Miri? I’m thinking to move there for the 10th grade,

  40. Wow, that’s what I was seeking for, what a stuff! existing here at this
    blog, thanks admin of this web site.

  41. Agree agree 100% Tenby School ( Shah Alam, Ipoh or Penang – all the same ) only interested in money and money, school fees increases every year!

  42. how about tenby Penang? Aside the increasing fee every year, is it as bad as the others?

  43. My wife and I travelled to Westlake International School daily covering at least 130km because we felt our childrens’ future were terribly cheated by their Ipoh school. We have no regrets dumping this unethical and rubbish school that greed after more money! Yea, my children are much happier in Westlake and we the parents would prefer to do this than stay put in that shit hole. Avoid TIS at all cost whether as students or staff!

  44. tenby is rubbish. Studied there for 5 years. Everything is overpriced.

  45. Adam Cheah (Ah Wa)

    Haiz.. I use to study there too.. Reakky brainless establishment. Can u imagine 30k for A-levels while k-tar is offering the same course for 13k in KL where cost of living, rent etc etc is almost double the price of Ipoh

  46. Fucked up school. Never let your kids come here. No standard at all. Only want money. Money is their priority education is last. Remember parents don’t waste your money to send kids here. Not kidding ex-student here.

  47. IIs is rubbish.. Studied there. Wasted my time.

  48. I hate this school. Tramautise me for life. Teachers accuse me of being a thief and actually on the day i was absent. make no sense. Rubbish

  49. Once, a student put a fish (flower horn) in my water to drink and i complained to the teacher n no action was taken.

  50. I remember the COO of this stupid school making fun of me as i am a very fair boy and dont like being in the sun. She called me a sissy and I need to man up.

  51. This school is pure rubbish. Once i got beaten up in the toilet to the extend i needed to go to the hospital but no diciplinary action was taken on the boy as he accused me of making fun of him.

  52. students caught having sex once in the music room and u still see them in the school the following days, months, years. no action taking. garbage

  53. I am from iis. I think the school is ok

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